Almost never...
you see a bird in the air changing its mind and turning back ... "
(Judith Herzberg)

We are going back to the children of Honduras, to those who are stuck in the cycle of poverty, abuse and mistreatment.

With Casa Elias we want to offer children the best education and health care in a safe, warm, happy family atmosphere.  A new chance of a better future!



ORT Nuenen


Some facts about Honduras:

  1. Honduras has about 7.5 million inhabitants

  2. 90% of the population are Mestizos (mixed Amerindian and European)

  3. The country has an area of 112.090 square kilometers

  4. The capital city is Tegucigalpa

  5. 80% of the population lives below the poverty line

  6. The infant mortality rate is 24/1000

  7. The gangs are known as "Maras"

  8. Football is the favorite sport of Honduras

  9. The city of San Pedro Sula has two professional football clubs: CD Marathon and Real España

  10. Latin / Central America alone, 40 million street children living

  11. 75% of street children are still in contact with their family

  12. 25% of street children sleeping at night somewhere on the street

Reality in Honduras

The house in San Pedro Sula

You can also view the images via the following link:

Click on the link below to view an interview on Dutch television from Alex Copley about the work of Casa Elias in Honduras. Alex is the brother of Yann Copley and also board member of Casa Elias.

Additionally Casa Elias has a multi-use room where children from the neighborhood can come for homework assistance and support. We also organize daily activities like football tournaments, sponsorship programs, school visits and play activities, etc.

We try to make the children aware about existence and the possibilities of the world beyond that of the slums. Letting children create their dreams and ambitions.  With your help we can let some of those dreams come true.  Please let us know if you can support us in any way!